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My wife wants to fuck another woman

Porn Galleries My wife wants to fuck another woman.

Please Log in or Create an account to join the conversation. She wants to play the field. She's fooling around with dating sites and even though so far it's only word play, she wants to push you toward another woman so she can have a free pass.

You've already guessed that she's going to use it against you at a later date. You have trust issues, as well you should. Married people don't act like she does. It doesn't matter that she hasn't met up with the men she speaks with online, she's still going to online dating sites and lying about being married.

It's simply not appropriate behavior for a married person. Look at how many times someone posts here complaining that their spouse has joined a dating site. When you're married you don't do that. My husband joined a few. I don't think he does it any more, he was just experimenting, I guess, but it's still wrong.

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She's also like my husband in that she wants inordinate attention from the opposite sex. I think she's just missing her old lifestyle where the sex didn't involve anything but sex. In other words, she doesn't want the intimacy or the personal connection. My wife wants to fuck another woman you don't want to be with another woman, please, please don't let her coerce you into it. You'll only feel worse if you go against your principles. If she's not happy and wants out of the marriage, don't let her make you do something that puts the blame on you.

Hopefully you have a good therapist that will help you sort all of this out. She's not one for kissing, and hates oral sex, but My wife wants to fuck another woman to want sex without foreplay, hard, fast and somewhat intense; whereas I'm the opposite, preferring soft, slow and gentle sex, with lots of kissing, foreplay and oral sex which we never do.

Wife wants me to have sex with another woman. Wife wants me to have sex with another woman was created by LoveMyWife. Hi; Straight to the point here. My wife and I have been together 9 years, she was my first I was 21 at the time while she had a numerous lovers before me and another one after we had been 8 months together - I did forgive her, and him, when she told me some 3 years later.

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As you can imagine our marriage has gone through a number of serious hurdles but yet we've always remained together where we know a lot of others would've given up. Recently, however, we've been opening up in regards to sex and our relationship.

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My wife has shown an increasing dissatisfaction with sex. I ask her what she wants but she never really tells me what exactly she wants, though does drop a few hints. Now I'm supposed say, "hey, wow, I'm a man, I'm supposed to like wild animal-like sex. My wife has told me a number of times that she wants me to have a once off no-strings attached sex with another woman of her choosing. She hasn't given me much reasoning other than, "I want you to be able to compare me to someone else," and well, "to gain experience," thinking I'll be a better lover as a result.

I think what she's trying to say is that I will have sex differently afterwards and it will improve our sex life. Just a quick note: I think our sex life is pretty good compared to most and she agreeswe do it at least times a week, and variate our positions.

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Now my fear is the repercussions of doing something like this. Firstly it goes against my beliefs, that of only being with my wife for the duration of our marriage, though I'm prepared to do anything for my wife.

Secondly, I sometimes fear my wife wants me to feel bad, and use it against me in the future, or that maybe she's trying to find a way to have sex with other men without me being My wife wants to fuck another woman to hold it against her, even though she insists she has no intention of ever cheating. She did say she fears that if I were to do it I would try continue the behaviour and have sex outside of our marriage.

I believe our issue is not with my experience or not, but rather our lack of communication.

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I have the most active role in bed especially being the initiator, even of the sex itselfbut am often demotivated because my wife always plays a passive role. I've been requesting her to be more active, to lose her inhibitions as you would say. I really don't believe me having sex with another woman will resolve much, as I've told my wife a millions times I have no problem going through the my life only have one sex partner.

I want to know what forums members think: What advise would you give, or what other questions do you have for me? Male, bornmarried in Father of two kids.

Replied by strawberryfields on topic Wife wants me to have sex with another woman. I think it's bizarre that she wants you to have sex with another woman.

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