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Why does a man always come back

Nude Photo Galleries Why does a man always come back.

If you think that your man won't chase you, or follow the "rules" and obey the boundaries then he was never your man. Because a man who truly wants you for his woman will do all the above. Yes, he may fidget and try to squirm out of things. And, yes, he may go silent for a bit of time because of his ego. And yes, he may walk away for a while thinking it's not worth all this. Do not doubt the impact you've had in this man's life. And, if he doesn't return once Why does a man always come back do all these things, then you've saved yourself endless trips back and forth to that door he keeps coming and going out of.

If you are confused about which path to take, or if this man is seriously wanting you, or if this is real love, or the potential for more, you are always welcome to come for a reading on your particular situation with me, or one of our many amazing advisors here. You don't get it. This is the third, fourth, maybe even the fifth time he's walked out of your life and returned again. You feel like your heart is a revolving door where he feels he can come and go as he pleases.

And each time he returns it's like a honeymoon. He's attentive and sweet. You feel hope and excitement that this time it will be different. You start to think he must really love you if he can't stay away. You convince yourself you're soul mates and he's as connected to you as you are to him. This time, you think, it will stick. As a life coach and spiritual counselor, I'm here to tell you, this is false!

While he may be your soul mate, this term is wildly misused. A soul mate is someone whom you have a cosmic connection to, but it's not always a good connection.

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