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Doctors fetish exam kit

xXx Pics Doctors fetish exam kit.

Restraints - Black Leather. We even have plastic portable urinals in both male and female versions Once you've discovered the excitement of setting up a "clinic" atmosphere to play in, the "gotta have it" bug hits and you will do what every other true fetishist does With that in mind, we've done a lot of the homework for you, not only on this page, of course, but throughout the entire site!

Stand or whatever you may need for creating your very own kinky clinic, they are on the Clinic Furnishings Product page!

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Well, you get the idea! Just like the supply closet at the hospital, this page will be filled to the ceiling with all of the goodies you'll need to keep you and your Klinik In The Kink!

No more messy exam tables or beds One of our Medical Toys Clinic rooms with Doctors fetish exam kit few essentials and furnishings. Forcepsalso known as hemostats, are one of the basics for any hospital, clinic or medical room!

They are so versatile and handy! They can be used for squeezing and pinching, pulling labia apart, balls sacks and nipples, just to mention a few! They are the best for clamping off catheter tubes and enema tube closures, because they won't leak like the plastic clamps do!

By the way, the Monster Forceps really lives up to its name! So, be sure to get a few different sizes, they really do come in handy! Sometimes they're like having an extra hand Nurse Lacey gets mischievous with her forceps in mind!

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Nurse Jackie check out her stethoscope! Rinse the dam first: Many dams are covered with a powder that can irritate the genital area. Hold it firmly in place.

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This can be done either by the licker or the lickee and will help increase the sensations. Put some lubrication on the side of the dam that will be in contact with the genitals. Again this increases the sensations.

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Some people like to experiment by placing different foods on the side of the licker. This can be a fun way to play. The Licker can try to create air bubble then sucking and snapping them back. Try using one Doctors fetish exam kit the different flavored dams that are now on the market for a bit of spice.

Don't be afraid to experiment with different techniques but always keep track of the side you are licking! It defeats the whole thing if you lick the side that's been up against the pussy or the anus! Click here for more info on the Dental Dams. The first thing to keep in mind is that every sex toy and sensual aid could use a little lubrication.

Whether you're rubbing against it, putting it into you, or putting you Doctors fetish exam kit it, you should be using a lubricant. Lubricants make sex toys not only feel better, but also more safe to use.

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Think about what happens when you're having sex: The same logic applies to using toys, either with a partner or during solo play. Really, there's no such thing as too much lubrication. Even if you lubricate naturally, a dab of extra lubricant on your toy is a highly recommended addition.

It's better to be safe and slippery than sorry and sore!

Choose the Correct Lube for the Application Lubricants come in three basic Doctors fetish exam kit Water-Based Lubricants Water-based lubes, such as Original and Light formulas by Wet may be used on virtually any vibrator, masturbation sleeve, erection ring or dildo.

The water-based lubes are relatively easy for cleanup: You definitely want to use a water-based lube with anything made of silicone! Silicone lubricant has special qualities which make it perfect for more demanding sexual applications. These lubricants stay slippery until washed off with soap and water. Ideal for extended intercourse as well as underwater sex, silicone lubes are also preferred by many for anal use.

If you love Doctors fetish exam kit waterproof toys or just love having sex in the wateryou and a silicone lubricant, such as Platinum, will be lifetime companions! Another "pro" for silicone lubricant is that it lasts longer and can be easily revived after a lengthy encounter with your favorite vibrating friend, just by adding a little water or saliva to it.

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Silicone lubes never really get absorbed or evaporate the way a water-based lube may. A good warm to hot water and soapy anti-bacterial Doctors fetish exam kit best wash should clean them up! Latex glove d hand holding forceps Scissors are another clinic and BDSM play basic for safety and convenience! Any bondage scene using, ropes, duct tape, saran wrap, mummy wraps, etc.

And for more intricate working and for cutting away any head or face wrappings, the surgical scissors are designed exclusively for curved and angled cutting! Tweezers are on the Squeeze Products page Medically designed for use with manual or automatic resuscitators and ventilators, these are one of the unique and versatile breathing face masks that's perfect for any medical fetish scene!

Use your imagination for unlimited ideas of breath play fantasies! Alcohol Prep Pads Good value Perfect for quick Doctors fetish exam kit to kill most basic bacteria and germs as an antiseptic on skin or insertable toys, like sound sbutt plugsdildoesetc. Alcohol Prep Pads Item Price: They have a face fitting strip in the middle so they conform to the contours of your nose and chin.

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We really like the way they look, too! We sell them as a pack of 10 ten. Stethoscope We all know how to use this! The perfect finishing touch to any nurse or doctor's uniform!