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What age did marie curie die

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She was the sole winner of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry.

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She was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, and she is the only woman to win the award in two different fields. At the age of 18 she took a post as governess, where she suffered an unhappy love affair.

She came first in the licence of physical sciences in It was in the spring of that year that she met Pierre Curie. Their marriage July 25, marked the start of a partnership that was soon to achieve results of world significance, in particular the discovery of polonium so called by Marie in honour of her native land in the summer of and that of radium a few months later. She discovered that this was true for thorium at the same time as G. Turning her attention to minerals, she found her interest drawn to pitchblendea mineral whose activity, superior to that of pure uranium, could be explained only by the presence in the ore of small quantities of an unknown substance of very high activity.

Pierre Curie then joined her in the work that she had undertaken to resolve this problem and that led to the discovery of the new elements, polonium and radium. On the results of this research, Marie Curie received her doctorate of science in June and, with Pierre, was awarded the Davy Medal of the Royal Society.