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Anna kournikova nude scene

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Say what you will about Anna Kournikova's tennis game and Page 2 certainly willbut the woman certainly knows how to turn heads off the court. The Russian tennis star recently filmed a commercial for a shoe company in Anna kournikova nude scene she pays homage to movie legend Marilyn Monroe and the famous scene in "The Seven-Year Itch," where Monroe's skirt is lifted by a rush of wind from a New York City subway vent.

Anna Kournikova

With Kournikova cheekily staking out sacred territory, Page 2 decided to see how these two blonde bombshells Let the skirts fly: Marilyn Page 2 staff.

Could be overwhelmed by Any older man who wanted to "take care of her".

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Any player ranked in the top Photo of her wind-blown skirt enraged Enrique Iglesias and half the NHL. The Seven-Year Itch was One of her best films. A reminder that she turned pro at the end of All about getting out of the first round.

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Couldn't go on without Her acting coach, Natasha Lytess. Ironically, is named Sergei.

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Spent mostly in foster homes and orphanages. Spent mostly in Nick Bolletierri's tennis academy.

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The release of nude photos once she hit it big. WTA's insistence on keeping score.

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Once accused husband Joe DiMaggio of slapping her, possibly as a way of obtaining a divorce. Once accused Pavel Bure of having a vicious slap shot, possibly as a way of making Sergei Fedorov jealous.