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Lost my phone in lyft

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Thanks to Lyft lost and found, your stuff will get returned in a timely and safe manner.

Contact the driver; Lost phones;...

If you leave something in your Lyft, like a phone, purse, or wallet, you should first contact Lyft directly to get the process started. Usually, if you know the date of your trip, that will be enough — especially if you only take Lyft every now and then. This will play an essential role in verifying that the item is actually yours.

You can do so by following these procedures:. Your ride receipt emails also have call and text options look toward the bottom up to 24 hours after rides end. If you are attempting to contact Lyft lost and found 24 hours after you lose an item, follow these steps.

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First, try texting your driver as described above. Lyft will try to help you, but ultimately, they do not accept responsibility for your lost belongings. Lyft tells passengers that their first line of action is to contact the driver directly.

Must contact Lyft Support!

So, here are a few things you should know about what drivers will usually be thinking. Knowing these things will greatly improve your chances of Lost my phone in lyft your lost item s back. More than likely if the driver has found your lost item, he will initially want to return it to you as much as you want it back.

You get out and he zips off to pick up his next passenger. Well, several things could happen here. The next passenger might find it and decide to steal it himself!

This will make it less likely that your driver will ever see it. However, this is something very important to keep in mind…he probably will not know which passenger left it in his car. He may have just completed seven different trips. There could have been more than 10 people in his car during that time. And he will most likely have no idea which one left their phone.

Remember, Lyft first makes it your responsibility to contact the driver. In that case, what is supposed to happen is that after you contact Lyft, they will try to contact the driver and give him your phone number. Which can be a problem if it is your phone that you have left in his car!

Then, the driver is supposed to contact you to arrange a time to meet you and return your item. One of the great promises of ridesharing when Lyft first started was that since both you and Lyft knew who you driver was, it would be a cinch to get something back from the driver if you left it in the car.

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They touted this as a benefit of using Lyft and in contrast to using taxis. And it made sense. You can get in touch with Lyft and simply tell them the date and time of your ride and they will automatically figure out who the driver was.

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But, more on that in a minute! This is where things can take a turn and start to go wrong. You know what the driver is supposed to do and they know what they should do — but that may not be what they will always do.

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The driver, no matter how well-intentioned, now comes up against the reality of returning the phone to you. He may have started out with every good intention in the world, but now he begins to realize, this is going to cost him a lot of time and therefore money!

for a lost item, the...

Lost my phone in lyft In most cases, while a driver may initially genuinely want to return lost items to passengers, when they get into the actual process of doing it, they may find out that the passenger is now located far away from where they are.

It may take them 45 minutes to an hour just to drive to the passenger. Our advice, if you are really desperate to get your phone back: Just offer up front to pay the driver. The first thing you as a driver need to know is that Lyft tells riders their first line of action is to contact you directly.

Drivers, you need to know that the passenger desperately wants their lost item s back. You should also know that they think you are obligated to Lost my phone in lyft it back to them.

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You may not be legally obligated to do so, but you should try your best. Just think what you would want a driver to do if you left something in their car.

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