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Lab puppies for sale in atlanta

Adult Videos Lab puppies for sale in atlanta.
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Meet Cindy Cindy is a 'special needs' miracle dog, looking for another miracle to make her life complete. She arrived with her four puppies on April. Due to a change in family circumstances our family dogs need to be re-homed. We are hoping someone would love them. This sweet lady is Dani.

She was rescued two days before her euthanasia date. She was unwanted in the shelter. Bo is a 2 year old black labrador retriever mix. He is the perfect size weighing in at 40 lbs.

He is in a. Very playful and loving dog. Partially trained sit,wait, shake, lay down I raised her as a puppy then gave her to.

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I have been dealing with confining financial issues for the past year and a half. We have been together since he.

Exceptional AKC Labradors

Meet Rudy, very sweet and loving predominantly Black Lab mix, approximately pounds. He is a rescue and has. I have come the the difficult.

Bailey came to the shelter on August 21, and she was pregnant. On September 1,she delivered a litter of. Cash is an owner surrender to the shelter.

He was in a family with 2 other dogs. My name is Artoo. I am a sweet, playful.

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My name is Luke. I am a sweet, friendly.

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These 4 babies are super cute and sweet. They love to play and be close to you. Prissy is the little 10 month chocolate lab - basset hound X Prissy just wants to be loved, cuddled and hugged. Sassy is another 10 month little girl. Somewhat submissive, craves attention and affection but wants to be loved. Charlotte a 1 yr old Cur X is feeling a little lost.

She is losing what she calls home to no fault of her own. With his beautiful brindle markings, Duke is a stunner. Rudy, along with his three. She was recently returned to our shelter on.

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Meet Mindy Mindy is a gorgeous six year old black lab mix of medium size. She was owner surrendered to our shelter. Hannah came to us after her family packed their Lab puppies for sale in atlanta and moved out in the middle of the night leaving a very.

Cujo is a 75 lb. He is one of the calmest dogs at the shelter. He is very well behaved. Potter is a young male weim lab mix. He is super sweet and very well behaved. Potter knows his basic commands and. I currently became homeless and do not have a home for her. I really would like to keep her when I get back on my.

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Archer was dropped at my door. He was heart worm positive and was not neutered. He has been treated for heart worms. Pepper is a great dog, but he has rapidly outgrown the space we can provide for him.

He loves to play with other. This handsome Golden Retriever lab mix is one fine boy. Just give him a water place and lots of love. Biscuit is a big baby! She loves nothing more than to cuddle on the sofa with a blanket, which she will always. Patsy is ready for s Home of her own. She was saved along with her Mom from a high kill shelter. She is loving and. I can no longer care for her because I dont have time. Hazel is an incredibly sweet, submissive, and smart dog.

She knows and obeys basic commands reliably. Little miss Mo morgan is a 1 year old 30 pound beagle and possibly lab mix. Morgan and her litter mates were. Bowie is a little guy, less than a year and about 30 pounds. Surrendered Lab puppies for sale in atlanta a family who couldn't give him the time. I have no adoption fee! A little shy and reserved, Gladys Knight takes a few minutes to warm up.

Welcome to Ember Rays Labradors....

He weighs 52 lbs. My name is Lucas and I am a 2 year old Lab mix. I am a super well behaved boy who needs a loving family. Clifford has been tied up most of his life and I rescued him mid June.

He's very skiddish and just needs lots of. Angel was rescued over a year ago at a dumpster where she often went to find food on the back roads of rural.

I rescued Molly April 30th where she was tied up outside living under a shed. She has been great with my young. She came to us with 8 newborn puppies, and she was a great mom!

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