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Marrying someone of a different religion

Naked Galleries Marrying someone of a different religion.

Marriage in and of itself is a huge commitment that requires a lot of thought and planning.

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Marriage to someone who is of a different religion may require even more thought and Marrying someone of a different religion. Most marriages are based on a core shared set of values and beliefs, and many of those beliefs have a basis in religion.

Marrying someone who is a member of a different religion than you could mean they have a different set of values and beliefs. There are many things you should consider before committing yourself to an interfaith marriage. Review your religion and the religion of your immediately family members.

Do you follow a specific religious faith? Is religion a vital part of your family?

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Having said that, if you are not a religious person in general, marrying someone who is deeply religious and follows a large number of religious traditions may change your life significantly. If your religious orientation Marrying someone of a different religion quite similar to the one your partner follows e. Assess how independent you are from your family. Do you have a really close family? Do your parents want you to pursue a specific education, career, and eventual marriage?

You should assess how easy or difficult it will be to marry someone of a different religion knowing how close you are to your family.

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Prepare yourself for possible negative reactions and outcomes before you talk to your family so there are no surprises. In order to do this, you may need to subtly bring up similar topics in conversation to see how they react and what opinions they have.

Use this feedback to determine the best possible way to break the news to your family. Determine if you can live with the possible negative social reactions. Unfortunately couples of differing cultures, races, or religions may receive stronger reactions from society than couples who share the same culture, race or religion. Not everyone is strong enough to stand up to this potential criticism, especially if it happens on a continuous basis. Marrying someone of a different religion with your partner how you would handle situations like this, specifically those that happen in public.

Do you both share the same view on how the situation should be handled? Look Marrying someone of a different religion specific arrangements that may need to be made within your religion. Depending on which two religions are coming together in marriage, there may be certain limitations in one or both of those religions.

For example, if one partner is Catholic and the other partner is not Christian, the marriage may be considered valid in the eyes of the Catholic church, but it might not be considered a sacrament. Attraction is the first step in the three-step process that helps us find a suitable long-term partner. If you are attracted to someone it essentially means that moving to the second step is not only likely, but reasonable.

If you are truly not attracted to this person, you need to re-evaluate whether it is even worth continuing the relationship, regardless of religion.

Compare values and beliefs with your partner. Are the differences associated with religious beliefs and values too vast to be combined?

Can you foresee values and beliefs that may cause significant problems Marrying someone of a different religion the future? Take the time to think this through on your own and discuss it with your partner. Implicitly you can pay attention to the things your partner says and does on a regular basis.

For example, how your partner reacts to news events or how they act in certain situations.

Explicitly you can ask to have a serious conversation with your partner to discuss the specifics of your values and beliefs. You can start by talking about how your individual religions view certain things and then progress to personal values and beliefs that might not be related to your religion. Analyze future relationship roles.

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The third step in the process is to evaluate how various roles and responsibilities will be distributed within the relationship. If roles and responsibilities are divided based on values and beliefs, you need to determine if those divisions make sense to both of you and are something you can agree on.

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The outcome of that discussion could make or break your relationship. Converting from one religion to another is an extraordinarily big step and should not be taken lightly.

Decide where the marriage ceremony will be conducted.

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Does the religion of one partner require that the marriage ceremony takes place in a specific location? Is the ceremony itself going to be a religious event?

Are both religions to be celebrated at the marriage ceremony, or do you need to conduct two marriage ceremonies? If the marriage ceremony is to include one or more religious event, will there be any restrictions on the religious leader who can lead that event?

For example, some religions forbid their religious leaders from performing a marriage ceremony for an interfaith couple. Determine Marrying someone of a different religion religion will be followed on a regular basis.

Do you plan to follow both religions regularly, or is the religion of one partner more important to them than religion is to the other partner? Regardless of which religions are to be followed, are they going to be followed by both partners, or just the one who is a part of the religion? To make your long-term relationship truly last, these are the types of things you need to figure out in advance.

Think about how you will Marrying someone of a different religion any children you have. Will your children follow one of the religions or both?

For example, if one partner is Catholic, will your children be baptized as babies, or will you let your children decide which religion they prefer when they grow up? Some religions require that the partner who follows that religion do everything in their power to promise to raise children as part of their faith.

Rather than viewing yourself as two people from different religions, adjust your view to be of a loving couple with similar goals and values.

Focus on your friendship, working together to make things work and committing yourself to each other. View differences as something other than religious. Instead, reframe your point of view to that of an educational and celebratory perspective. Look at the difference as an opportunity to learn more about the different ways you and your partner believe in something.

Allow your partner to follow their religious beliefs without criticism so you can do the same. Find commonalities between your religions. Each of your religions will likely have some things in common — figure out what those things are and celebrate them together. Communicate your emotions effectively. Communication is always an important part of any relationship. Commit to being open and honest about your emotions throughout your relationship.

Chances are some of these emotions are going to be caused due to a difference in religious beliefs. Develop new rituals and traditions. As a couple, there Marrying someone of a different religion no reason why you cannot create a new set of rituals and develop new traditions to follow.

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These new rituals and traditions can be a combination of your two religions, or they can be something completely new. Work with your families to develop these new rituals and traditions so they can be celebrated together. Maybe you and your partner go to a specific holiday venue each year, or maybe you and your partner always go to a specific restaurant to Marrying someone of a different religion non-religious events.

Build the relationships you have with family and friends. Regardless of how your family and friends feel about your interfaith marriage, you need to set boundaries.

You stand together as a couple, not as two individuals. Friends and family need to understand and support this. Being able to smile and laugh can reduce tension and allow people to lower their guard. How should I handle some people in my family who are upset about our wedding ceremony because they're Catholic?

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As sons and daughters, we have an inherit need to please our parents and make them proud of us, but as husbands and wives, we have the responsibility to always have our partner's back Marrying someone of a different religion to stand up for them regardless of the person causing the conflict.

If there is one thing I have learned from life in general, it's that trying to please everyone only leaves you empty and unhappy. My advice would be to speak to your families and explain to them that you really love your partner regardless of his or her religion because the most important Marrying someone of a different religion is how he or she makes you feel.

The wedding itself is just a symbolic representation of the bond you two are forming, and that's what they should be focused on. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 6. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Interfaith Relationships In other languages: Did this article help you? Cookies make wikiHow better. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy.