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Rebuilt mg midget caliper

Sexy Galleries Rebuilt mg midget caliper.

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MG Midget Brake Calipers. We...

Rebuilding a Spridget Brake Caliper Posted by saysprite. Page 1 2 3.

Rebuilding a Spridget Brake Caliper 1. After racing my Spridget and the brakes stunk, I replaced my stock master cylinder with my Tilton setup.

While I was doing this, I decided I had finally had enough of having a right side caliper on the left hand side. To bleed the brakes, I had to take the caliper off and turn it around.

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It finally got to be a pain so I decided to rebuild 2 left side calipers. One to go on the car Rebuilt mg midget caliper the other to be used as a spare with the right one, I was taking off the left hand side.

I documented how I did it for reference. I have it as a Word document so I can make changes as necessary. The way I did it might not be the correct way but it worked. I put it on the car yesterday and we bled the brakes today.

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The pedal felt like it should even after I let it set for a few minutes. Hope this helps somebody. Rebuilding a Spridget Brake Caliper 2.

Rebuilding a Spridget Brake Caliper 3. Needs to go into the library. Rebuilding a Spridget Brake Caliper 4. Darryl, I'll try not to be too critical, please take this as constructive.

I've rebuilt hundreds of these calipers You were lucky to have the pistons come out so gently. I worry that others wont be as lucky I suggest clamping the inner piston, applying Rebuilt mg midget caliper to the port, and pumping the outer piston out. I do this on the bench with a master cylinder rig we made, but even better is on your car Rebuilt mg midget caliper you remove it.

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Now you can use a punch and remove the inner piston since the port hole is available. I don't advocate splitting the calipers, but I have had to do it. When I do I use a hand wrench. Not the place Rebuilt mg midget caliper an impact, plus you'll want to re-torgue the bolts if you do split it.

Rebuilding a Spridget Brake Caliper

I suggest you peel just the rubber seals out and leave the retaining ring and do your inspection. It's labor saving to not have to fight with that ring, and there's few times it needs changing.

Does one caliper.

Only if you're going to do a complete bead blast. I always use new pistons Any defect in the surface will cause leaks or sticking. I Rebuilt mg midget caliper a bit of frayed accelerator cable in a hand drill through the channels with bleeder removed. Lube the pistons with brake grease or clean brake fluid. They should push in rather easily.

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If they require a clamp, I'm worried the seal is tearing. When they've been that tough, I've disassembled and found the seal mis-shapened. Replacing the retainer is a fiddle. Best to file a little off the leading edge as the stamping marks can make Rebuilt mg midget caliper hard. You identify the 2 seals by thickness Again, this is not a criticism, and it seems you wee successful, but your calipers look to have been in better shape than what most people would be dealing with.

Wish you were coming to the 50TH! World Wide Auto Parts of Madison www.

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Rebuilding a Spridget Brake Caliper 5. No problem here Peter, That's the kind of information and response I was wanting. That's the way to learn. I've added your notes to my Word Doc and I'll apply them to the different spots tonight. This should help others and myself.

What's the torque setting for the bolts? One caliper came off Speedracer but it had been sitting for a few years. I was a bit leary of it but it was clean and in good shape. The other one came off a parts car. It had more crud. I'd like to come but life is getting in the way. I'm trying to get another car ready as a back Rebuilt mg midget caliper.

I'm hoping Rebuilt mg midget caliper have more stuff like this later on as I work on things. Any input is greatly appreciated. If its not on my laptop, I print it off and have it in a notebook. Edited 1 time s. Last edit at Rebuilding a Spridget Brake Caliper 6. I use 65lbft on the bolts. That's what is published for MGA calipers, and it's the same company Lockheed and the same size bolts. They have back-up racing for Sprites? They do that around here with old Buicks Rebuilding a Spridget Brake Caliper 7.

After crashing my car last year, its spooked me.

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I bought an old chassis from Hap years ago. I had it teched 3 years ago or so, and the tech guy told me what needed to be change. I got the cage fixed except for 1 piece. I'll get it fixed later on this month. I had it set up for autocrossing but I'm moving all Rebuilt mg midget caliper race stuff off the old car to it.

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It will run a instead of a It should be good enough to get out and get some laps in at a Regional Race. I get the used parts off other Spridget racers so when I get newer used parts, nobody wants my used Used and almost wore out parts.

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Rebuilding a Spridget Brake Caliper 8. Thanks Darryl, Your procedure worked excellent! My one comment is when your blowing air into the ports don't have those pistons aimed sat your Body or anything else you don't want to destroy.

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Rebuilding a Spridget Brake Caliper 9. It will work alot better and its safer. I didn't even think about doing it, the way Peter states but his way makes more sense and is alot easier.

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In reply to a post by PeterC Darryl, I'll try not to be too critical, please take this as constructive. Rebuilding a Spridget Brake Caliper Darryl, Peter, I see I'm a bit late chiming in on this post, but I was wondering if either of you can tell me if there is a particular way that I need to orient my replacement pistons? I noticed on the new pistons that the "edge" that presses against the brake pad is not level all the way around.

It appears that the edge has been machined to fit against the brake pads in a certain way, but I cannot figure out how they should be oriented. I noticed that when I dismantled both the right and left calipers that one had pistons with this "edge" and the other did not.

By the way, I successfully used the master cylinder to push the pistons out and did not break the calipers Rebuilt mg midget caliper half, but I was not smart enough to Rebuilt mg midget caliper the seal retaining ring in place Anyway, any help with how to orient the pistons if necessary will be greatly appreciated. Sorry but I'll have to pass to Peter.

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