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Signs your husband is in love with you

Hot Nude Signs your husband is in love with you.

He holds a masters degree in business administration. It is important that you know signs to watch out for, in order to be sure your husband still loves you. If things do not seem alright, then you need to do something before your marriage faces serious challenges. Below are 27 signs he still loves you.

These signs are not everything.

It is important that you...

You may wish to add yours in the comments. Marriage is not supposed to be experiment or a trial run so handle it with the seriousness it deserves. Marriage should be a once-and-for-all union.

So if you need some...

Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I think my husband just tolerate me now after nearly 6 years He is finding faults and he constantly tells me he is going Signs your husband is in love with you leave me n go Canada to live or i should sign the divorce papers or that i can leave anytime is it normal for husband to ask u to leave and insult and embarrassed u in front of his family n friends I feel hurt i cry alone behind close doors cause i once cried in front of him n he said i only like cry.

Im not happy bit i cant leave coz i have a 3 yr son I'll stay forbmy son sake I love my husband,but I came from work last week and I caught my husband on pornography and I was devestated and hurt and sad and I felt betrayed, because raised with values of marriage, about staying faithful and loyal and committed to just one person and I am having a hard time of letting this go and forgiveness and I have a hard time with trusting people anyways,but I want marriage to work, so what could i do and could you please help us?

I've tried so hard to believe that he loves me but I feel after only 9months he made a mistake. He tells me all the time he doesnt like my hair or the way I dress and even when asked what spoke you about her to marry her, he said her sassyness. Not my looks, not the way I love but my come backs. We havent had sex or the relationship like other newlyweds.

I feel very alone and have talked to him about this and all I get is told I'll try Signs your husband is in love with you do better. Better never comes and I hurt. He will never tell me he wants me or is thankful we are married.

He refuses and then says things like women who need affirmation are needy. I'm dying to be told I want you or you look good to me. I dont get kissed or made love to why did he marry me??

Please help me with this. I know my husband loves me because he cleans the cat box every day and the cats are mine.

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I can only see a couple of those in the list. But honestly I think my husband only tolerates me now.

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We used to talk and he would always bring me flowers and dote on me. But now, he hardly talks to me, let alone have sex.