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How to be a hookup coach

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At our gym we have a growing issue of coaches sleeping with married other coaches, and one male coach in particular pursuing just about every female member married or not who enters the gym.

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We also have a female married coach who has repeatedly made poor choices at gym social functions trying to kiss male members, fondling, etc when alcohol is involved. While we are not interested in policing people's personal lives, the behaviors of these coaches is becoming problematic.

A few members have privately expressed concerns and we have a growing fear that the infidelity issues will "blow-up" in a public way in the future we have lost members in the past due to an infidelity issue between clients so we're sensitive to this. If so, does it address behavior like dating clients, etc?

If so, how did you deal with it?

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On the other hand, we run a professional facility, not a meat market. Seems simple to me, let's phrase it this way: Would any of those behaviors be at all acceptable at a "normal" job? Can em' Pretty simple. I understand things happen but it comes down to what environment do you want at your business. I would not stand for it. A friend goes to a box sort of local to me.

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This was happening with ONE trainer, and as soon as word got out, he was fired on the spot, and told to never come back. He was made example of, as I think he should have been. Rachel, In my humble opinion, that is absolutely unacceptable behavior. Fraternization between coaches can be bad for business what happens when they break up? It will not take long for word to get around town that your place is the love shack.

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If I were in your shoes, I would warn coaches when I hired them that if they slept with any clients, they would be fired and then follow through immediately if anyone violated it. The only exception would be if they have a relationship with the client previous to the client joining the box.

That sort of behavior leads to favoritism which alienates everyone else in the class and can lead to sub-standard coaching. When the relationship goes sour, it also forces people to pick sides which is also bad for business.

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I guess this is just my opinion, but allowing that type of behavior could cause your clients to call into question the integrity of your program and that is the LAST thing you would want as a small business owner.

If I were in your shoes, I would have a big coaches meeting and announce that you were establishing a policy on fraternization. Coaches are coaches, and clients are clients. CrossFit is a community but this is your business, your reputation, and your livelihood. Anyone caught violating this policy will be fired. If the coaches don't respect you enough to protect your business and treat your clients professionally, then they don't deserve a pay check.

Other than that, I don't have any strong feelings on the matter.

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I don't understand the US legal system nor do i pretend to but go and see your lawyer and see if you have legal grounds to terminate based on this. I wouldn't worry too much aout their feelings or not having them singled out I am sorry but as a business owner myself I would fire my brother for doing something like this. You aren't there to please people you're there to make a profit and have members feeling comfortable. While it is very easy to just say "no way dude!

For many people the mojority of their social interactions are at work lots of people find the permanent partner at work or at their "3rd space", the place other than work or home where they spend the majority of their time.

Hopefully, your box is that 3rd space. How to be a hookup coach a crossfit trainer the box might be the 2nd and 3rd space! So it is reasonable that this sort of thing may happen. Since this is to a certain extent unavoidable the best option in my opinion is to manage it well rather than trying to ban it.

Lay out ground rules; no hitting on married people under any circumstances, no hitting on clients while you are coaching. A rule we had at one gym I coached at was the "one and done" rule. Basically, if there was serious chemistry between you and a client or other trainer you could go for it but you only got one opportunity.

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