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What's your favorite way to fuck with someone? I suppose you people think it's okay to eat sandwiches and pizza in the morning too. You guys are the real monsters. My menu is not bound by time or any other arbitrary rules of society you mere mortals insist on following. So yeah, cereal at night, beer and that sorta off color half-hamburger pushed to the back for breakfast.

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If you have access to someone else's Facebook account, create an empty friends list, post a status update to that list, and then delete the status update. From this point on, until they change it back, they will always be posting to this empty list by default. It works great for those narcissistic people who live to bait compliments and likes. Coworker did it to me. Didn't realize it until people were wishing me happy birthday 5 months after my bday.

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And, you can only change your birthdate once a year. Really, that's the new good thing Facebook does. It reminds me of my best friends birthdays through email. Facebook basically a Birthdaybook. Better yet, make yourself the only one on that list, so you can witness their descent into madness. I did this to myself once, accidentally.

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After three weeks or so of no one liking anything I finally realized somehow my settings were private. Whenever I'm bored and I'm talking to someone i will occasionally look over their shoulders and act like I'm not looking at anything when they ask what I'm looking at. A coworker of mine was bragging about his brand new hybrid car and being pretty douchey about it. He would bring up how fuel efficient his car was whenever he could sneak it into How do i fuck someone conversation.

I got a group of 10 coworkers to each commit to bringing 1 gallon of gas each week 10 gallons when everyone put their gas together. We put it in his car gradually throughout the week. We did this for 3 weeks. He initially thought be bought this super car that got like miles to the gallon. By the end of the third week, he was yelling at the dealership on the phone and freaking out.

He even went back to the dealer in a fit because his MPG drastically reduced. I found a piece of software that opens and closes the disc drive on a computer at random. The best part is that the computer does it so infrequently hardly anybody suspects a thing. My computer science teacher put a lot of rules in because of shit I pulled last year. This, however, isn't on the rule book.

I remember someone telling me that he and a group of friends had found a version that did it to How do i fuck someone else's computer over the internetso during multiplayer games they would annoy each other by frequently opening each other's drives.

When your friend leaves their Facebook open, bypass the poop statuses and sexual orientation. Instead, go to privacy settings and set the status updates, posts and photos viewing option to "Only Me. Sit back and watch them wonder for the next few months why their posts are getting no comments and likes.

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Someone did this to me at one point. I realized it a bit later when I went to change the privacy so my mother wouldn't see the status. It explained a bit, and I had a good laugh. I teach Photoshop to 7th graders. There's a program on our How do i fuck someone that lets me monitor and control their computers remotely. The first few days I would repeatedly hit backspace as they were trying to type in passwords or close apps they were trying to open.

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My favorite thing to do, however, was open a notepad, type in "Help! I made them read an article the following day called "Your Boss is Watching".

I used my shenanigans as evidence to really hammer home the fact that on a corporate or school provided computer or network, there is no semblance of privacy. We then discussed a little bit of network security such as being cautious of open wifi networks and the hazards of reusing the same password. I'm 7 months pregnant, so extremely obvious. Omg I laughed so hard reading that. You know this person is now telling people they can do baby transplants so expectant moms can have a break. Better yet, look down at your belly and look really surprised and baffled, preferably doing a double-take, then exclaim something to the tune of "Holy shit!

I have a fat friend who sometimes gets heckled in the street about his weight. His response is always to look at himself and pretend to How do i fuck someone out.

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Back in high school my brother used to steal his friend's agendas, write fake homework they weren't supposed to do and put them back in their backpacks. It worked surprisingly well.

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I always thought How do i fuck someone was cruel and fucking clever. I do stuff like this all the time. Any time I see to-do lists and no one is watching, I'll sneak in something like, How do i fuck someone all black people.

Holy shit you just reminded me of something I did. Last year I worked at an after school program at a middle school. We were in the gym one day and I found some kid's agenda sitting on the stage like he had left it there during class. So I looked for a name to confirm the gender maleopened it to a random page in the future, and wrote in the girliest writing possible "hey [boys name], you're really cute, and I like you xoxo" and some hearts.

The I just put it down and went about my day like nothing happened.

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I wonder if that kid ever found that note A girl in class saw it and immediately started flirting with me out of jealousy. Got a GF out it. I've done this for a while. At school I'd just move my classmates' stuff around while they weren't looking in such a subtle way.

For instance I'd put their pencil on the other side of their book or turn to a random page in their book. It was just something to keep me entertained during lesson and it was fun to see their brain malfunction and them not knowing why.

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What I do now is similar. I've found an app which connects to my DVR and every so often I'll press a button on it when my gf is controlling the TV with the normal remote.

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