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Go fuck yourself i hate your world

xXx Images Go fuck yourself i hate your world.

Jebus facepalming when he sees the kind of stuff some of his followers are up to. Even in the most wealthy parts of the world, terrorists are still blowing up random innocent people. The Go fuck yourself i hate your world lies to you. People behaving like mindless robots, trapped in this rat race that makes you crazy, tired as fuck and goes against your very nature. And to cope with that they ruin their bodies with junkfood and numb their minds watching stuff on television that they like to talk more about than their own life.

And even if you care, good luck changing the world on your own. Your farts contain methane, which is definitely a contributing factor. We idolize people who are famous for no apparent reason other than already being famous. Rappers stopped articulating their syllables somewhere in Everything about the society we live in sickens me. But if you can come up with a catchier name, be my guest. Also, if you happen to own an island that would be a good spot to start it, call me.

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I feel a surge of energy through my body with every breath I take. I get to walk around in this physical reality with all these plants and animals. With this sky full of stars that also exist, one of which who gives me the heat and light my body needs. How awesome is it that you exist, in this beautiful body, with all your beautiful thoughts and feelings, and that you are sharing them with me?

How fucking great is it to be in your company right now? You may even have called me out on it. There, Go fuck yourself i hate your world said it. I look at a tree and admire its perseverence for withstanding life for so long and growing so big.

I can sit by the shore all night and feel as if the ocean is a living organism that takes breaths just like me. I even feel the same way standing on a bridge over the high way.

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When I wake early, I love listening to the whole city awaken as if it is one being and all the humans are just little cells in it, including me. And I love feeling how these influence each other. Nah, because of these perspectives are actually true. There is a lot of mumbo jumbo going around about how everything in your reality is created by your thoughts. As usual, the truth is somewhere in the middle.

There are both subjective and objective comments to the nature of reality.

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Gravity, for example, is a real thing. You cannot just out-think the laws of physics and defy them.

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But once you respect the objective parts of reality, you can add subjective layers on top of them that change how you experience those objective facts. So you could say that your thoughts control everything except for that objective facts.

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The only problem is that most of the time we confuse the two. And the larger the scale of something happening, the more complicated the objective truth gets, and the harder to look it at without using subjective glasses.

President makes the decision to invade a country and kill a bunch of innocent people.

Is he doing it because the local dictator does even more horrific things and he wants to stop them? But other than that, there's no point in wasting thoughts about it.

The reality you experience is always a co-creation between what really is, and the way you choose to look at it. Our society is beyond fucked up, but also gives us more freedom to pursue science and self-expression than we ever had during any other time in written history.

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The world is totally fucked but at the same time we should be grateful we get to walk it. When you focus on the bad things, the world becomes a horrible place and humans are the devil. When you focus on the positive things in this world, it becomes heaven on earth. And we all should.

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If you just as much as try to understand all the evil and suffering in the world, it will make you depressed I tried it before, even an isolated incident like a local rape is hard to wrap my head around. Especially considering that a lot of the coolest things about life are paid for with some painful things.