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Amazing race perth

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The show premiered on Tuesday, February 28,and concluded on May 17, Averell and Tyler MacNiven were the winners of this Race. Filming Amazing race perth from November 7 to December 3, The race visited ten countries on five continents, three of which were new to the race: This season of the Race had the second longest course, behind The Amazing Race 5.

Additionally, this season of the race was the first one to start and end at the same location: Red Rocks Amphitheatrethe world-famous outdoor concert venue outside Denver. Other seasons have started and ended in the same city Season 1 in New York City and Season 6 in Chicagobut the location of the start and finish lines were different.

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The other race to start and end at the same location was the inaugural Norwegian racewhich aired in They later announced that CBS had given them a different prize as compensation.

Applications for The Amazing Race 9 were closed on July 26, a day after the original deadline. Semi-finalist interviews were held sometime in September, ; final casting interviews took place in October, Following the Family Edition experiment of Season 8which featured teams of four family members racing in the United States and Central America, this season returned to the traditional format of eleven teams of two competing in a race around the world.

The teams included hippie best friends, a couple married for 40 years, and sisters living in different states. Danielle married Amazing race perth and is now a mother of two young daughters, born in and Ray proposed to Yolanda on The Early Show the morning after the season finale. While it was a total Amazing race perth to her, Yolanda enthusiastically accepted.

This episode also previews their full progress on the final leg of The Amazing Raceincluding Yolanda's progress on the roadblock. Producers nominated this season instead of the critically lambasted Family Editionwhich was also eligible for the award.

The following teams participated in the Race, each listed along with their placements in Amazing race perth leg and relationships as identified by the program. Note that this table is not necessarily reflective of all of the content broadcast on television, owing to the inclusion or exclusion of some data. Placements are listed in finishing order:.

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When the motorcycle is properly assembled, and the mechanic could start the bike, the team would receive their next clue. In Rotor Head, teams had to travel to Campo de Marte Airport where they had to use a flight directory to locate one of three buildings from a helicopter ; each location varied in distance with only a limited number of tickets provided for each.

Once they found their destination, the pilot would land the helicopter on the rooftop Amazing race perth that building to search the designated area for their next clue. In the first Roadblock, one racer from each team had to climb one of three stairwells on the building's fire escape.

The order which they arrived at the top determined the order of descent. In Press Amazing race perth, teams had to drive to Camping Bela Amazing race perth to process raw sugar cane and distill its juice.

Then, teams had to make milliliters of ethanol to fuel their cars as an alternative fuel source. After completing the task, teams poured the newly created ethanol into their cars and the chemist handed them their next clue. Once they took the plunge, they had to swim to retrieve the next clue.

The Detour was a choice between Scrub or Scour. In Scrub, teams had travel to a trolley bus depot at 8 Trolley Park to thoroughly wash a Russian public trolley bus inside and out to the satisfaction of Amazing race perth trolley bus attendant.

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Once the bus was cleaned, a bus driver would hand them their next clue. In Scour, teams had travel to Dubrovka Theatre to search among 1, pieces of Russian nesting dolls to find one of 10 microscopic clues hidden inside a doll. In the second Roadblock of this leg, One Amazing race perth member was required to search among hats and feet scattered across a large field for one of Amazing race perth hidden Travelocity roaming gnomes containing the next clue.

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In Break It, teams broke stunt bottles over each other's heads until they found prostthe Amazing race perth word for cheers written on the back of the label. However, they could only smash one bottle per cuckoo from a traditional German cuckoo clock.

In Slap It, teams had to learn a traditional Schuhplattler dance and correctly perform it. When the folk dance was properly completed, the team would get their next clue. The Detour was a choice of Foundry or Laundry.

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Del Soccorso to a priest to receive their next clue. In Laundry, teams needed to find Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi to search through over 2, items of laundry for one of sixteen items of clothing bearing a red and yellow tag.

Once the red and yellow tag was found, a laundry lady gave teams their next clue. The Roadblock requires one team member to correctly piece together a classical Greek statuewhile the racers were not Amazing race perth that there were two extra pieces that did not belong until they went to an archaeologist to receive their next clue. At the market, teams had to find Jagino, the fish market vendor, to receive their next clue.

In Little Fish, teams had to travel by foot to the same fish market and sell 4 kilograms 8. After selling the fish, the vendor would give teams their next clue. The Roadblock had one racer to participate in a popular Italian sport: Teams joined a professional team and participate in an ongoing match. When the team member scored one goal, a coach would give them their next clue. The Fast Forward had teams travel on foot less than a mile to Stamatopoulos Taverna and take Amazing race perth in a traditional Greek method of dispelling mischievous spirits: Teams had to break plates to find a little yellow and red flag that was baked onto one plate.

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Once the team found the flag, they would win the Fast Forward. The Roadblock requires one team member had to bungee jump. Once it was completed, they received their next clue from the bungee master. This task would be revisited again on Season 29 as a switchback. One team had to throw the discus a competitive distance.

While the other team had to do the javelin throw the same distance. Finally, both teams had to participate in Greco-Roman wrestling in a foot Amazing race perth. When all the events are completed, teams received their next clue. In It's All Greek To Me, teams entered an archaeological site to search a specific section for nine pieces of pottery containing Greek letters.

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Then, teams have to translate from Greek to English letters and unscramble them to spell a location on a Greek map, Dimitsana. The Detour was a choice of Camel or Watchtower. In Camel, teams first had to make their way across the creek on a ferry to opposite bank, where they had to lift a camel into a Amazing race perth truck using a winch. Then, they had to use a map to drive 1 mile 1.

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In Watchtower, teams had to cross the river and search in three watchtowers for an Arabian message box scroll. However, not every watchtower had a scroll.

After they found it, they had to travel 1 mile 1. The Roadblock requires one team Amazing race perth to search and dig any of sand dunes to find one of 6 Omani underground ovens called shuwa. Inside it was a woven pouch with a meal of lamb wrapped in a dried palm leaf bag and steamed in the oven, which they would have for dinner. Once they found the shuwa, the Bedouin would give teams their next clue.

Once the pile is completed, teams received their next clue. In Sea, teams had to dive in the waves Amazing race perth searched among 50 underwater crayfish traps on the ocean floor for those with live Western rock lobsterseach team member had to retrieve one rock lobster. Once the lobster crates were given to a fisherman, they received their next clue.

For the Roadblock, one racer had to search a block of Fremantle Prison for one of several cells within Division 4 that contained Duracell Copper-Top batteries and a flashlight. They would use the flashlight to search for an entrance to a darkened cavern, and descend underground to wet and Amazing race perth tunnels for the next clue. The instructor hands over to get their next clue.

The Detour was a choice of Wet or Dry. In Wet, teams drove 6 miles 9. When they complete the trek, they would receive their next clue.

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In Dry, teams drove 6 miles 9. Once there, teams had to select a didgeridoo and following the sound of music in the air to locate a nearby Aborigine.

Then, they had to find an Aboriginal musician with a matching didgeridoo and each team member had Amazing race perth play a note to receive the next clue. The Fast Forward requires teams to travel to a town outside of Lopburi to try a favorite local after-school activity at a nearby restaurant, eating a bowl of fried crickets and grasshoppers.

The first team to clear the bowl would win the Fast Forward and the right to go directly to the Pit Stop. Other teams had to take the Roadblock, where one team member had to assemble a properly-carved and arranged fruit ceremonial feast for monkeys at the temple and give it to them during an annual festival, as shown in a given example.

When the feast was complete, they receive their next clue. In Move It, teams made their way on foot to Jom Jam Pottery Factory to transport 72 clay pots through the streets of a market to a docked boat. Teams had to Amazing race perth these clay pots on wooden boards balanced on their shoulders.

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Once teams delivered the 72 clay pots, a merchant will give them their next clue. In Altar It, teams made their way by foot to Wat Chimphi temple and made a shrine. They assembled a shrine then apply gold leaf to a statue of Buddha. Once they were finished, teams received their next clue.

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