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Heroes of the storm matchmaking reddit

Hot Nude Heroes of the storm matchmaking reddit.

Home Forum What's New? Recent Blue Posts 6 hours ago. Recent Forum Posts We have the full answers below, but if you're interested in just the highlights, you'll find them right here: Third ban has been discussed since last year, aiming at making it a mid-ban.

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Team is taking recent feedback about making it a first-ban Incomplete API is working internally and is currently being used for the HGC website. The API team is working on improving matchmaking and ranked at the moment, so API is on backburner for now A full MMR reset has been considered, but it would be "UGLY" Reconnect system is an issue, but the engineers are currently working on matchmaking and ranked improvements as those benefit far more players Hero swaps are currently a lower priority for public games, with potential issues being extended draft times and additional toxicity Social features will be improved in the future, starting with an improved party finder tool and followed by clans.

Low priority compared to current issues though, so it will be a while Toxicity report validation system coming in the next few weeks Matchmaking imrpovements are made server-side and are thus independent from regular patches Loss forgiveness is being implemented and will be released in the next few months Ranked improvements make most sense with season rolls. Third ban is high on the list for the next one June Heroes of the storm matchmaking reddit matchmaking is planned to be re-introduced with the next ranked season as well Current season length is a balance between two extremes Commendation system is a good idea but not currently in development Visible MMR is coming and is planned to be part of the performance-based matchmaking updates Team is looking at expanding rewards for picking "auto-select" Raynor is getting a rework Soon TM Quick match will have strict role enforcing in the matchmaker implemented in the future, with the current plan to have 1 tank, 1 healer, 1 assassin, and 2 flexible spots Team League participation is a tought nut to crack, and will likely need the improved social systems coming in the future Surrender option is not currently on the table.

Originally Posted by Blizzard Blue Tracker. The idea to place the third ban in the mid-ban phase came from feedback from both the community and the pros. The initial requests for the third Heroes of the storm matchmaking reddit started coming up because there were now enough heroes in the pool that could fill similar roles that a counter-ban in the mid-ban phase was losing effectiveness.

Adding an additional ban at that point would bring teeth back to mid-draft bans. Taking a step back, the core idea is that the mid-ban is a strategic ban based on how the draft is unfolding, while the first ban is primarily a meta ban. At the highest levels of play, some strategy comes into play during the first ban phase, as HGC teams have done significant research into their opponents, but for most players, the first ban gets used to remove whatever hero tends to be on top of the meta at that moment.

The feeling is that doing so would be mainly addressing a more short-term Heroes of the storm matchmaking reddit, the release of overpowered heroes, where an additional mid-ban is more interesting long-term. Releasing a public API has been something the dev team has also wanted for a long time.

Unfortunately, the same people who would work on finishing this public API are the same people that are working on features like improving matchmaking and the ranked game mode.

Everything you see on the scorescreen, and probably a bunch of stuff that we track but don't show on the score screen. Just for completeness sake: Did you ever consider a full MMR reset with all the issues and effects coming with that?

The utopian view is that a reset would be a short period of utter chaos where everyone starts out equal and is essentially tossed into a giant thunderdome where the weak are slaughtered by the Heroes of the storm matchmaking reddit until everyone is sorted properly.

More realistically, it would be an extended period of utter chaos long after placements as those placement games would be almost completely arbitrary. With no starting MMR to use to match players up, it would be entirely luck-of-the-draw for team comps and where you end up after placements would come down to chance more than anything. In short, it would be expected to be an awful experience for everyone. In order to have a better system reconnect and replay and spectate, does the game need a "new engine", or is it otherwise impossible to Heroes of the storm matchmaking reddit those systems significantly better?

Ideally you'd want to be able to change the netcode to send some kind of "full state" so that the game doesn't have to re-simulate every single command which is what takes so damn long. Is this assessment even close to correct, and how hard is this to change in the current engine? Heroes of the Storm uses a peer-to-peer networking architecture.

This architecture offers a lot of benefits, but also makes certain things more difficult.

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Unfortunately, reconnect is one of those things. Having said that, it is not impossible to make improvements to the system. This again comes down to prioritization. The same people who would work on improving the reconnect system are the same engineers working on matchmaking and ranked improvements. After looking at the reconnect stats, we decided that matchmaking and ranked system improvements would benefit far more players right now.

Regarding the pause idea: We do have the ability to pause the game which we use for esports scenarios.

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To be effective, swaps would need their own phase, extending the time it takes for drafts to complete. On top of that, for swaps to be effective, they require significant upfront communication by the players.

For the alternatives, such as trying out first-come first-served FCFS drafting which provides a similar benefit, we can do that relatively quickly.

We had the same concerns when we allowed 2s and 3s in team league and were pleasantly surprised by the results. Yeah, we agree that our current observer UI is long in the Heroes of the storm matchmaking reddit. The current plan is to better unify the in-game UI and the observer UI.

Once we have that unification, we can start to consider more functionality that would benefit esports viewers. The plan is to start with an updated party finder which significantly improves that system. The major changes would be to decouple the party finder from chat channels, which would significantly expand the pool of available players, and allow players to look for others based on the game mode and role they want to play. From there, we can build upon that with clans, which would be a great addition to the game as well.

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The blog post and this AMA are some steps in that direction. We're also discussing lots of ideas about how best to communicate with the community going forward. New toxicity report validation system: We should be turning this on within the next couple weeks.

This will increase the amount of reports we action by a significant amount. Some will come quicker than others. This is deep into implementation and is currently lined up to come out in a patch in the next couple months.

Several of these improvements make the most sense to release with a new season roll. We may initially introduce this as a purely informational system, and then turn on the actual point adjustments after the community has had time to provide feedback. Two six-month seasons per year? Do you plan on adding a team system, for named teams in team leagues for example? We've discussed season length quite a bit on the team. We've actually considered everything from once a month to one season for the whole year.

We think the current system is a balance between those, but I would say that we're still open to discussion on Heroes of the storm matchmaking reddit topic.

We actually had this in Heroes originally!

Team league worked this way when it was initially launched. The issue was that problems we currently face with Team League which I think one of the other guys answered a question on that alreadyare actually worse with the fixed named teams.

The tl;dr is that it's tough for players to align schedules with their teammates.

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As a result, we saw even less participation in that system than we see with the current system. Do you plan to add any system of rewards for good performance?

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We've definitely had conversations on this. While we're not currently working on this right now, we'd love to incorporate a system like you mention into our existing set of "tools" to combat toxicity.

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So we think it is important to have a combination of systems to make sure we can still remove players who simply can't play nicely in the game. My question is, are you still considering at least adding visible MMR alongside the current rank system, and is it a bit more than "we're discussing it internally" which we've been getting since the game was released? Matchmaking Rating MMR is purely a measurement.

The more accurate MMR, the better the matches that can be made. Gaining, or losing, skill is a slow process that happens over the course of many games, so MMR does not change quickly. This is where issues come up with showing MMR.

Players tend Heroes of the storm matchmaking reddit focus on figuring out how to make it go up by any means necessary, looking for ways to push it higher as quickly as possible. On the other side of the coin, Rank is a reward system. If you go on a win streak, Heroes of the storm matchmaking reddit rank spikes accordingly.

When players are put together in a match with players of disparate rank, the assumption is that they are also disparate skill, and that feels bad. That blunts the ability for rank to be a true reward system. It also means that matchmaking must consider rank, in addition to MMR, when putting together teams.

Visible MMR would allow us to get rid of both of those, which we feel is more beneficial than the downsides that are likely to come about with visible MMR.

Joe went into more detail on that here: What do you think about the option to show the number of players in the queue with a chosen role assassins, warriors, support, specialists?

There could be a bonus reward for those who choose the least popular role. Yeah, so we've already got a bonus for playing "Auto-Select" when the matchmaker is getting into trouble a new hero launches and everyone wants to play that hero.

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